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5 Ways To Use Google Apps While You’re Away During The Holidays

publicado a la‎(s)‎ 1 ene. 2012 11:11 por Francis Ortiz Crea Solutions

Yep, Christmas is only a few days away and New Years is soon after that. If you celebrate Chanuka or another holiday around this time of the year then your “day” (or days) are very near or just about over as well.

There are lots of great online tools for small businesses to use to help them communicate and collaborate better. One of these tools is Google Apps for business.

The team at Google has 5 quick tips with how you can be productive overall but especially if you’re a user of Google Apps.

  1. Don’t let the distance disconnect you – with employees traveling around the country or around the world to visit with friends and family this holiday season, use Google+ Hangouts to have quick video check-ins with up to 10 employees at a time. Ninja tip: use Hangouts with extras to collaborate on documents at the same time, share your screen, or conference in someone who can only be reached by phone.
  2. Let unimportant emails lie – take advantage of Priority Inbox to sift through important emails that intelligently and automatically float to the top of your inbox. Ninja tip: If you’ve spent time building your Google+ circles, you can now quickly use them to filter your mail, saving yourself from having to sift through that pile of daily deal emails and newsletters while looking for an important update from the ‘coworker’ circle.
  3. New devices, no problem – new smartphones and tablets may be hot gifts this year, and our ‘mobile first’ strategy means Google apps are designed to work great on small screens – this year we improved our Gmail mobile web app, brought a Gmail app to iOS, introduced a Docs app for Android phones and tablets, and there’s more to come! Ninja tip: fret not when employees bring their new device to work and ask to connect to corporate email – web-based mobile device management capabilities are baked into Google Apps at no additional cost, and we recently introduced new features to give IT additional tools for granting and monitoring access.
  4. Time is on your side – Start a shared ‘holiday’ calendar so all your employees can see when the office ‘official’ holidays are scheduled, and staff can note when they will be away as well. Ninja tip: keeping limited personal ‘office hours’ during the holidays? Use Appointment slots so staff or customers can schedule themselves in a time that’s convenient for you.
  5. Leave the thumb drives behind – one thing you most certainly don’t need to pack for your trip is removeable storage. Make your new years resolution in the cloud, and store up to 1GB of any kind of file in Google Docs. Ninja tip: Google documents themselves don’t count against this limit, so convert the files to Google Docs when you can for real-time sharing and collaborating and you get the added gift of eliminating painful version control issues from emailed attachments.

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